How to Change Name on Facebook (2021)

Updated On: June 26, 2021
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Facebook is an imposing social application; on Facebook, you stay connected with your distant friends. of all the people who have mobile and internet, 99.99% have an account on Facebook. Today, in this article, we talk about how to change the name on Facebook. It is not a big problem, and now, in this session, I will tell you how to change your name on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg created the Facebook application to stay connected with your friends. The Facebook application launched in 2004. Facebook is a good application for those people who like & love social sites compared to other applications; Facebook is the safest and secure online chatting application. You can also use Facebook to connect with your family, friends, and add new friends on Facebook, talk with new people on Facebook. on Facebook application; you can also speak to one of your out-of-country stay friends. Facebook can also be used for videocall and chatting.

How to Change profile Name in Facebook

How to Change profile Name in Facebook

You accidentally wrote another name on Facebook, and if you want to change and the Facebook profile name is not changing, do not be worried. Sit comfortably and read this article carefully; you will change the name comfortably after reading this article. You will come to the right place today; below this article; I will you how to change your profile name on Facebook.

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ON Facebook Application -

  1. Open Your Facebook application
  2. when you open your Facebook application then you will see three lines on the upper side of the right tap on these three lines scroll down and tap on Setting & privacy
  3. and then tap on setting
  4. then click on personal information
  5. after then tap on name
  6. here you can write your name which you want and then click on review change
  7. And then tap on review change and write your Facebook password, and click on save changes

ON Laptop or PC

  1. open Facebook In your browser which browser you like (Google, Mozilla Firefox). and open your Facebook account.
  2. then click on setting& privacy
  3. and then click on settings
  4. after that click on general account settings and click on edit
  5. and then change your name here which you want
  6. and then type your current Facebook password, and click on save changes.

Now you successfully changed your profile name on Facebook.

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  1. you cannot change the name for the next 60 days after changing the Facebook name once.
  2. you can also write nicknames near Facebook profile name and you can change it as many times as you want.

Final Words:

As you like to use social applications, then you will choose the perfect social application.
Now, I hope the above article is helpful for you and you will successfully change your profile name on Facebook, now enjoy with your friends on Facebook. If you have any problem changing your name on Facebook, then tell me in the comment box. I will read your comment and tell you the solution to your problem as soon as possible.
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