Brawlhalla Tier List : Best Legends / Characters (September 2021)

Updated On: September 14, 2021
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Brawlhalla Tier List

Brawlhalla is a fighting game that has taken the world by storm. While there are tons of characters to choose from, some are stronger than others in certain areas. There are also many people looking for information on what characters are good in the game. The Brawlhalla tier list will go over all of that information!

If you are looking for the best characters in Brawlhalla, look no further. We'll go over all of the different character tiers and where they fall on the list to help you find who is suitable for your playstyle. The ranking goes from best to worst (S being the strongest). The bottom Brawlhalla tier comprises characters at the bottom who are not worth playing or have low potential. The mid-tier has stronger characters that still need some work, and then finally, the top tier features strong fighters with tons of potential.

Brawlhalla is free-to-play, and it is a 2D platform fighting video Game. Brawlhalla was developed by Blue Mammoth Games and published by Blue Mammoth Games, Ubisoft on 30 April 2014. You can play Brawlhalla on many platforms, including PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Classic macOS. And the best thing about Brawlhalla is you can also play in cross-platform. And more than 50 "Legends" to choose from in Brawlhalla, with many of them based on myth and legend.

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Why is Brawlhalla Tier List Important?

Why is Brawlhalla Tier List Important?

This tier list is beneficial for the player who is new to the game to determine which character to play and which to not play in the game. But even if you are not new to the game, you must sometimes change your regular character and do some experiments to get a unique experience.

In this guide, we'll go over the different tiers of characters in Brawlhalla. The Brawlhalla tier list is based on how powerful the character is and their potential. It is essential to find a character that suits your style of fighting. So, let's get into the list.

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Brawlhalla Tier List (2021)

This list of the top-tier ranking characters in Brawlhalla is updated with the latest patch. Brawlhalla's tier list is based on how powerful a character is and their potential to grow over time in Brawlhalla. The tiers go from best to worst: S (most potent), A, B, C, D, E (weakest).

Brawlhalla Tier List

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Brawlhalla Tier S List (2021)

These characters are the best of the best. They have high power and area of effect, can work in any location with no problems at all, and will help you get to victory quickly. They are almost like a monster for their opponent and can defeat them in no time.

Brawlhalla Tier S List
LegendWeapon 1Weapon 2
MagyarGreat Sword Hammer
JaeyunGreat SwordSword
MakoGreat SwordKaters
Wu ShangGauntletsSpear

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Brawlhalla Tier A-List (2021)

This is the second tier in Brawlhalla. These fighters are more potent and have more skills than those of the bottom tier, but they still need work to be competitive when fighting other players or going up against someone who has mastered their move set.

Brawlhalla Tier A List

They might not seem like much at first, but these guys can put up an excellent fight if you know how to use them right:

LegendWeapon 1Weapon 2
Val Gauntlets Sword

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Brawlhalla Tier B List (2021)

These are just below A on the list because they're skilled enough to take on anyone that isn't entirely new for fighting games. However, keep in mind that there's a pretty big gap between this group and where the bottom tier starts, so don't think it'll be easy for beginners.

Brawlhalla Tier B List
LegendWeapon 1Weapon 2
ScarletHammerRocket Lance
UlgrimAxeRocket Lance

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Brawlhalla Tier C List (2021)

These are the fighters who need to work on their skills a lot before competing with other players. They might have potential depending on how much time you put into it. Still, otherwise, these fighters will usually be cannon-fodder for people of higher tiers, and there are not too many reasons to pick them over anyone else:

Brawlhalla Tier C List
LegendWeapon 1Weapon 2
Mirage Scythe Spear
Lord VraxxRocket LanceBlaster
OrionRocket LanceSpear
VectorRocket LanceBow

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Brawlhalla Tier D List (2021)

This is the fifth tier in Brawlhalla. This group includes fighters who have very few skills and potential to grow over time, making them worth playing. You might be able to find one or two good moves, but other than that, they're not worth your time:

Brawlhalla Tier D List
LegendWeapon 1Weapon 2
ArtemisScytheRocket Lance
Lin FeiKatarsCannon
Ada Blaster Spear
Sir RolandRocket LanceSword

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Brawlhalla Tier E List (2021)

This is the bottom and last tier in Brawlhalla. These fighters are not worth playing, as they're barely skilled enough to be competitive with other players and have no potential to grow over time that makes them valuable. If you want a character who can do anything, then this isn't your list. This category includes characters without any skills:

Brawlhalla Tier E List
LegendWeapon 1Weapon 2
Isaiah Cannon Blaster
Queen NaiSpearKatars

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the difference between tiers in Brawlhalla and ranks?

Ranks are based on your skill level, whereas Tiers are for how powerful a character is and their potential to grow over time. The higher the tier, the more powerful they'll be when fighting opponents of other tiers, but you don't need to play high-tier characters all of the time, so don't worry about if you can only find someone lower than S!

2. What does the Brawlhalla S tier mean?

S is the highest tier in Brawlhalla, so if you want to be one of the best players, this tier is perfect. These are fighters who have mastered their skills and can do anything with ease - they're a force to be reckoned with and should not be underestimated.

3. What should I do if my tier is lower than S?

Don't worry - there are plenty of other players who play characters with ranks below the top tier. If you're starting, don't think about your rank too much and focus on getting stronger, so it goes up!

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Final Words

Now, We hope this tier list helped you figure out which fighters might best fit your playstyle. If you're still not sure, then try playing them in the lab or training mode to see if they work for you!

Happy Gaming!

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