Alchemy Stars Tier List : Best Characters (2021)

Updated On: September 15, 2021
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Alchemy Stars Tier List

The Alchemy Stars is one of the top games in the mobile gaming industry and has taken over the world by storm. This game is great because it allows players to try out different Characters for various roles throughout the story mode.

There are many genres of games, from strategy to action-adventure. But one genre of games that is sweeping the world, especially in mobile gaming, is Role Playing Games (RPG). Alchemy Stars characters is a turn-based tactical role-playing game, and in this blog post, I will be covering the Alchemy Stars tier list.

The Alchemy Stars tier list is a list that ranks the units in Alchemy Stars based on their overall combat performance. It's essential to understand this list well because it can help you decide which teams to focus on levelling up and which characters are best suited for particular roles.

Alchemy Stars Characters are ranked on their potential for success at high-level competitive play and how easy they are to pick up and play. The tier lists are a great way to compare units and see which ones are the best. I will be breaking down these lists into tiers based on their overall combat performance, from the top tier S (best) to the bottom tier D (worst).

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Alchemy Stars - A Quick Introduction

Alchemy Stars - A Quick Introduction

Alchemy Stars is a turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by TOURDOG Studio and published by PROXIMA BETA, Tencent. It is available only on Android and iOS de. The Alchemy Stars was released on 17 June 2021.

In Alchemy Stars game, players build a team of five characters known as "Aurorians", each associated with one of four elements. In the turn-based combat stages, players guide these characters along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible. Depending on the path length, the characters' attack powers increase.

Characters can also activate abilities to influence the battlefield, including changing tile elements, teleporting or healing. Outside of combat, players can build up their base and interact with or level up their characters.

Alchemy Stars Tier List [2021]

Alchemy Stars Tier list : Best Characters

The Alchemy Stars tier list is a ranking of champions based on their effectiveness in the game mode. The idea behind this tier list was to rank all champions according to their power level in order to help players decide which champions are better than others and who is worth investing in.

A tier list refers to the assessment of a player's characters in relation to their potential for success in a given competitive environment.

There are lots of benefits of the Alchemy Stars tier list, including:

  • It allows you to discover new heroes that may have never been used before but can be very effective if played correctly.
  • It makes it easier for players to get started on the game and know which heroes are worth investing in.
  • You can earn more orbs to get new heroes and work towards getting your favourite ones.
  • You can earn lots of rewards with specific characters as well as complete quests faster based on your team's overall strength.

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Fire Alchemy Stars Tier List (2021)

These characters are good in Fire:

Fire Alchemy Stars Tier List
SVictoria, Jona, Charon, Eicy, Uriel, Sinsa
AMaggie, Alice, Barbara, Istvan, Faust, Patty & Pattsy
BChandra, Brock, Nails, Leona, Regina
CJoanie, Tiny One, Chainsaw Rick, Pepi
DSork, Beck

Water Alchemy Stars Tier List (2021)

These characters are perform good in water:

Water Alchemy Stars Tier List
Tier Character
SChloe, Raphael, Sharona, Carleen
AHydrad, Philyshy, Sariel, Bethlehem, Kuma & Pengy, Kleken, Barton, Vice
BConnolly, Michenny, Ms. Blanc, Jane, Noah, Constantine
CCorax, Korgon, Seleucid
DWhite Dwarf, Zoya

Forest Alchemy Stars Tier List (2021)

These characters are best in forest:

Forest Alchemy Stars Tier List
Tier Character
SMigard, Gabriel, Hiiro
ASikare, Louise, Nikinis, Jola, Areia, Pact, Cuscata, Robyn
BLester, Sylva, Wendy, Uriah, Jomu, Ophina, Odi
DClover, Leah

Thunder Alchemy Stars Tier List (2021)

Thunder Alchemy Stars Tier List
Tier Character
SWrath, Irridon, Gronru, Michael, Eve
AMia, Dayna, Nemesis, Beverly, Schwartz, Vivian
BKeating, Kafka, Ansia, Rabbie, Tessa, Lilliam, Nadine
CEho, Unimet
DClover, Leah

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are tactical role-playing games?

Tactical role-playing games are a subgenre of role-playing video games in which battles are conducted through a menu command system, as opposed to an action battle system. Most tactical RPGs give each character statistical bonuses and penalties that affect their performance in battle.

2. What are the benefits of using the FEH tier list?

The greatest benefit for players is that it can save them a lot of time and resources. The Alchemy Stars tier lists are updated regularly to reflect changes in battle performances, so they will be able to select which characters to focus on upgrading or where best to spend their orbs.

3. Which is the best tier in Alchemy Stars tier list?

The best tier is S-Tier. The Characters of this tier are the best and most powerful characters in Alchemy Stars. They have high HP, good damage output, healing abilities, or other useful skills, which make them well suited to a lot of different situations.

Final Words

The Alchemy Stars tier list is an in-depth resource for players looking for the best characters for their next match. It includes every character’s viability, showing which fighters are the best while also providing a list of those who might be less desirable.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and find it helpful. If you have any comments, please share them below. We will be more than happy to answer them.

Good luck on becoming Champion!
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